Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Steve

My dear friend Katie Sheridan came to visit earlier this month and, amidst shennanigans that included baseball, finger-puppets, lesbian bars and medical emergencies we had the following interaction. I'd also like to dedicate this week's strip to one of my favorite professors, Steve Bissette; if this guy was telling the truth, he probably signed a contract that Steve would've taken one look at and said, "Absofuckinlutely not."

*To see an enlargement, click here.


  1. This is why I support the Hero Initiative:

    So many Golden and Silver Age artists got so screwed over and so many of them are out in California. If you find yourself going to Ralphs for groceries you should totally sign your card up to have money go to the group.

  2. Thanks, Carol! I had no idea the Hero Initiative existed, that's awesome - everyone in SoCal, you heard the lady, choose your charity wisely. A few cents here and there adds up!