Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy guest strip, Batman! It's Matt Aucoin!

Ahoy, readers! Greetings once again from the golden state! I'm super SUPER pumped that this week's strip is not by yours truly but by my dear friend and fellow CCSer, Matt Aucoin! Matt was kind enough to volunteer to chronicle my trip west, or at least what he imagined my trip west to be and, frankly, he's not far off. Here's a little background on Matt:

Matt Aucoin is a native Vermonter. He likes to draw comics and has long hair. In his high school spanish class he got yelled at for drawing in the margins of his test. Matt drew in the test margins all the way to the Center for Cartoon studies, and he still does.

Hope you guys enjoy Matt's strip! Those crazed, condom-headed, dog-eared fellows encouraging me to rap in the last panel are the Floplin Brothers, who will be appearing in Matt's next installment of Percy & Grimm - definitely check out Matt's site to see more of those guys!

Updates on life in the Bay Area and adventures in teaching soon!!!

*Please note: That last, bottom panel is a completely accurate depiction of what I'll look like on "wacky day" at camp tomorrow.

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