Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to: 3 layer pop-up card

YOU GUYS! I conducted a paper experiment and IT WORKED!  I've never attempted a pop-up before but, I wanted to do something really REALLY cool for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day - and it turned out so well that I now feel compelled to show you how to make one!  So, here's how:

What you'll need:

-3 pieces of card stock or bristol
-drawing and coloring tools of your choosing
-a ruler
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-2 eight inch pieces of ribbon or sturdy string

Step 1: Concept

Decide what you want your finished card to look like.  Your 3 sheets of card stock are 3 separate layers: background, foreground and a frame to see your scene through.  I decided to draw The Shire as my background for this one, my BF and I as the foreground and a heart as the frame to see the scene through.

Step 2: Measure

Your card can be any size you like but make sure that all 3 of your sheets of card stock are the same size to start with.

In order to create 3 distinct layers, you need your drawings to get incrementally narrower from background to frame.  My sheets of card stock were 7"x12" so I drew the background 7"x12".  Then, centering my drawings on the sheets, I drew the foreground at 7"x11" and the frame at 7"x10".  This left me with a half inch on either side of my foreground drawing to fold back and use as a tab to glue and an inch on either side of my frame drawing to use as tabs to glue.

Step 3: Draw

Hold your pencil between your thumb and middle finger...just kidding, you guys can figure this part out on your own.

Step 4: Cut

Cut out whatever shaped window you've chosen for your frame layer and, cut out your foreground layer so that you'll be able to see the background behind it.

Step 5: Assemble

Fold each layer carefully in half so that your card will close easily once it's assembled.  

Fold back the 1/2 inch tabs on either side of your foreground drawing and, using your hot glue gun, glue them carefully to the outside bottom edges of your background.  Your background should be slightly folded when the foreground appears flat to accomodate for the inch difference between it and the foreground layer.  

Next, fold back the 1 inch tabs on either side of your frame drawing and, repeat what you just did with the foreground layer - only this time, take your two pieces of ribbon and glue the ends between the foreground and the frame layer on either side of your card about halfway up.  This will create your closure.

When your frame layer is flat the foreground should appear slightly folded and the background should appear moderately folded creating three distinct dimensions.

I also encourage you to do a fourth drawing on the reverse side of your background layer so that the card is decorated on the outside as well - closed, mine looked like this:

Don't tie your card closed too tightly, you want the insides to have some breathing room so you don't have to wear out the paper  popping your foreground out every time you open it =)

I think that's it - GO FORTH AND MAKE THINGS, FRIENDS!!!

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