Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Travel Doodles!

Bits and pieces from my trip through the Pacific Northwest:

This one will be available as a postcard shortly.

One can see how Todd Akin gets confused with so many species' reproductive systems to keep track of:

Finally, where bagels come from:

I'm always a sucker for cute kids cuddling things:

Jen to the 17-year-old cashier who forced his phone number upon us:
And, while there are many vegans I sincerely love, strangers who judge my eating habits generally get this reaction:


  1. I remember my uncle taught me how to draw when we we're in something similar to an sydney airport transfer service. We doodled every odd thing that we would see and we would be amazed on how we couldn't get all of our drawings to fit in the fridge.

  2. These are quite comic in nature (Pun Intended) and I enjoyed these few skits. Reminds me of the travel quirks that I encountered during my holidays in zanzibar. From the airport and to the journey back home.

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