Set of Five Anti-Trump buttons - $5.00

Wear 'em and share 'em!

"A Very Scary Dictionary" - $7.00

A creepy, ghoulish thing for every letter of the alphabet, 
perfect for giving kids nightmares!

"Goodbye Ruby SoHo" - $5.00

Follow impulsive heroine, Pepper as she navigates her way through three adventures filled with booze, blood and simultaneously harsh and comforting doses of reality.

"Wings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen" - SOLD OUT!

You guessed it, Wings for Wheels is a collection of comics all about one of my most cherished heroes, The Boss!  Featuring the incredible talents of Pat Barrett, Jen Vaughn, Todd McArthur, Josh PM Frees, Jen May and gorgeous cover art by Dan McCool - this collection is sure to delight Springsteen fanatics and comics enthusiasts alike! Nominated for TWO Stumptown Comic Arts Awards!

*This item is completely, 100% SOLD OUT! Thank you for your understanding!

"Lies Grown-ups Told Me" - $7.00 SOLD OUT!

Lies Grown-ups Told Me just won the Stumptown Comic Arts Award for Best Anthology of 2012! This collection of short comics is about the hilarious and sometimes outrageous lies we believed just because someone bigger and cooler told us so.

"Freeloader: Issue One"- 2.00

Freeloader is a short collection of comics about being 27, jobless and living at home with mom and dad for the first time in a decade.  If you ever wanted to see our heroine discouraged, mostly naked and eating dog biscuits, this book is for you. Not all at the same time...although, Photoshop exists.  It could happen.  What's the pay like?

"Nomi Kane's Quick Guide to Type One Diabetes" - $2.00

This 12 page, full color, illustrated guide will help children and adults alike understand the basics of how Type One Diabetes affects the body.  If you didn't think your pancreas was cute, think again!

"Sugar Baby" - $6.00

A collection of vignettes about family, barfing, failed video games and learning to live with type one diabetes.

"Pack of 10 Rock and Roll Reindeer Post-Cards" - $5.00

Let your friends and family know you're thinking of them while you fight off frostbite!

"Chutzpah!: Issue One" - $4.00 SOLD OUT!!!

Everything changes for disgruntled teenager, Rachel Levine, when she develops a highly specialized super-power!

"South by Southwest 2010 Highlight Book" - $2.00

Everything you ever wanted to know about America's greatest rock and roll festival!

"Cartooning Basics" - $2.00

Your step by step guide to the cartooning process!

"Admit One" - $2.00

Cartooning companion, Jen Vaughn and I explore our complicated relationship in Josh Melrod and Tara Wray's upcoming documentary: Cartoon College.